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Mr. Ekrem Yarar was born in Kutahya, graduated from Tavsanli IMKB high school in 2008 and graduated from the Faculty of Law of Marmara University in 2012. He was registered with Istanbul Bar Association and passed the exam for judges and public prosecutors to improve his knowledge of material law. He worked as an intern and then a lawyer for several law offices before starting to work for Akkas & Associates Law Firm. He completed his conscription military service in Ankara. He speaks medium level English.

Mr. Yarar is a member of the Animal Rights Commission of Istanbul Bar Association and provides legal support for criminal law, family law, bankruptcy law, urban transformation law and business law cases.

Labor Law

Mr. Yarar focuses on labor law and provides legal counseling services for drafting or termination of employment contracts, updating employment contracts to present circumstances, and for pre-trial and after-trial stages of disputes over such contracts. In this context, Mr. Yarar provides counseling to both employees and employers on such disputes, represents one or more employees for lawsuits filed against a single employer, or represents exclusively or provides counseling to employers.

Mr. Yarar provides counseling on lawsuits filed for reinstatement to a position, collection of severance pays, disputes over social security status, drafting of legal notices, negotiations for settling out of court, substitution of lawsuits, and collection of receivables.

Inheritance Law

Mr. Yarar provides counseling for pre-trial and after-trial stages of disputes over inheritance issues and represents clients at lawsuits filed for arranging, extending or canceling estates of deceased persons where legal merits of lawsuits are very important. In this context he provides counseling on last wills, disclaimers of inheritances, inheritance partition agreements, acts of disinheritance, appointment of secondary or substitute heirs, appointment of heirs, appointment of heirs for certain assets, ensuring such legal proceedings to be completed as soon as possible, receiving mental capacity reports for clients, representing the clients at notaries public, and ensuring the legal merits to be followed.

Mr. Yarar drafts legal documents for the above mentioned lawsuits and legal proceedings in accordance with clients’ requirements, and reviews documents drafted by clients in terms of admissibility and merits.

He represents clients mostly for lawsuits filed for disputes over the deceased, elimination or confirmation of joint ownership, cancellation or exequatur of last wills, application for a succession certificate, official opening of last wills, and collection of receivables based on inheritance.

Criminal Law

Mr. Yarar focuses on criminal law cases and defending suspects. He also provides legal support at investigation and prosecution stages. He also provides counseling during investigation stages and for legal procedures governing prosecution of suspects. He provides counseling services at meetings held by parties for peace settlement purposes.

In this context Mr. Yarar provides legal services for filing formal complaints, briefing on the actual offense committed, attending hearings and trials, applying for prosecution, performing investigations, representing the clients at police stations and other non-judicial authorities, objection to warrants of arrest, etc.

Family Law

Mr. Yarar improves his material law skills in civil law cases, especially family law cases. He provides legal support for custody and inheritance claims, proceedings and lawsuits. He also provides counseling services for alimony claims and lawsuits. In this context, he provides legal counseling on lawsuits filed for disputes over assets, alimonies, recognition and exequatur of dissolutions of marriage, drafting pre-nuptial agreements, completion of lawsuits filed for dissolution of marriage as soon as possible, and counseling on disputes suffered at hearing stages of lawsuits filed for dissolution of marriage.

Mr. Yarar provides legal counseling for not only after-dissolution of marriage, but also pre-nuptial agreements and giving information to couples about laws and regulations governing pre-nuptial agreements.

Bankruptcy Law

Mr. Yarar provides legal support to real person and legal person clients for cases under bankruptcy law including drafting legal notices, filing legal proceedings, objections to debts, complaints, postponement of attachment orders and postponement of bankruptcy. He also provides counseling services for enforcement of court orders and for collection of or objection to debts based on bills of exchange. He also represents clients for debts based on promissory notes or cheques, enforcement of court orders, collection of overdue alimonies, and collection of contractual debts.

Urban Transformation Law

Mr. Yarar improves his knowledge of urban transformation law, which has become increasingly important in this country in recent years, and represents and provides counseling to clients at legal proceedings involving real estates and workplaces.

Property and Lease Law

Mr. Yarar provides legal services to review or draft real estate preliminary sale agreements and contracts signed by and between land owners and construction companies at every stage of them, and represents clients before land registration offices and notaries public. He also provides legal counseling on lawsuits filed for disputes over real estates and on renting, sale and purchase transactions, registration formalities, collection of overdue rentals, legal notices to tenants, and eviction of tenants.

Consumer Law

Mr. Yarar provides legal services to send complaints on faulty products or services to providers of the same, to send legal notices to such providers for curing such fault or replacing such faulty product or refunding some of the price paid for such faulty product, to file lawsuits against providers who refuse to make such cure or replacement, to represent clients at such lawsuits, and to apply for enforcement of orders adjudged Consumer Arbitration Boards and Consumer Courts.

Competition Law

Mr. Yarar provides legal counseling on lawsuits filed against banks on the grounds of cartel interest, which have considerably increased in this country in recent years. In this context, he files lawsuits for and on behalf of consumers, merchants and public institutions which borrowed any mortgage loan, consumer loan, motor vehicle loan or credit card services from banks from 21/08/2007 to 22/09/2011, and represents such clients at the said lawsuits.

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