Turkish Attorney Deniz Zengin

Mr. Deniz Zengin was born in Samsun, educated at elementary and secondary schools located in such diverse cities as Bitlis, Osmaniye, Ankara and Antalya, before graduating from Akdeniz Fen High School and from Faculty of Law of Marmara University in 2016.

Working as an intern at Ata Patent, Inc. in the present, Mr. Zengin was a member of such various student associations and clubs as Volunteer Lawyers Club, Career Law Association, International Law Club, etc. during his university years, attended many conferences and symposiums, and selected targets for his career.

Speaking English at advance level and German at beginner’s level, he took diction and oration courses in addition to his usual curriculum.

Thanks to his awareness of the environment and his affection for nature, he was active in various projects of TEMA Foundation during his education, and is still a member of it.

Alperen Deniz Zengin is an amateur mountaineer and an honorary member of the Mountaineering Club of Yildiz Technical University.

Another hobby of his is to visit other countries, having saved money during his years as a student to visit several countries in Europe and having found the opportunity to know several foreign cultures, cities and people.

His interest in science began when he was a high school student, and is still in progress. Open to learning, he is interested in science and technology in addition to his pursuit of law, reading various publications on these subjects and giving priority to improve his knowledge of them.

As a person who have always considered self-development an important issue, Mr. Zengin has been pursuing various fields of interest, strategic and analytical thinking, efficient use of time, and self-discipline.

In addition to working as an IP lawyer, Mr. Zengin is a student at Open University Program of Anadolu University and studies a second bachelor’s degree to reinforce his career.

İstanbul Avukat Deniz Zengin


  • Marmara University Law School
    J.D., Doctor of Jurisprudence - 2016

Bar Admission

  • Istanbul Bar, 2017
“It's the first time working with an attorney for me, that’s why I don’t have any experience to compare, but I am so pleased and dearly satisfied with the current professionalism. “Trust” is the most basic feeling I have felt about Mr. Akkas since we met. I believe this is the most important value in the profession of lawyers.”
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