A. Deniz Zengin

Attorney at Law

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Mr. Deniz Zengin who came to Istanbul for university education after graduated from elementary, secondary and high school which are located in such diverse cities as Bitlis, Osmaniye, Ankara and Antalya; graduated from Marmara University Law School at 2016.

Having completed his legal internship training at Akkas Law Office, Mr. Zengin still continues to work as a lawyer at Akkaş Law Office. Mr. Zengin was a member of such various student associations and clubs during his university years, attended many conferences and symposiums, and selected targets for his career.

Speaking English at advance level, he took diction and oration courses in addition to his usual curriculum.

Alperen Deniz Zengin is an amateur mountaineer and an honorary member of the Mountaineering Club of Yildiz Technical University.

His interest in science began when he was a high school student, and is still in progress. Open to learning, he is interested in science and technology in addition to his pursuit of law, reading various publications on these subjects and giving priority to improve his knowledge of them.

As a person who have always considered self-development an important issue, Mr. Zengin has been pursuing various fields of interest, strategic and analytical thinking, efficient use of time, and self-discipline.

Aliens and Immigration Law

Mr. Zengin provides legal counseling to the aliens, on formalities for applying work and residence permits, applying extension of current work and residence permits and on applications for citizenship.

Business and Commercial Law

Mr. Zengin, provides legal services such as; establishing a healthy legal infrastructure for companies, establishing legal support for decision making and implementation processes, arranging commercial contracts, legal consultancy to the domestic and foreign companies and also coordinates establishment of companies, change of type, establishing branch and liaison offices for our clients.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

Mr. Deniz Zengin carries out the procedures of trademark and patent applications and registrations and also provides legal services regarding preparation of opinion petitions, filing trademark and patent infringement cases, detection and prevention of infringement of trademark and patent rights, judicial proceedings in material and moral damages cases and invalidity cases.

Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Mr. Zengin provides legal services such as; preparation of all kinds of execution proceedings, initiation of execution proceeding, execution of foreclosure transactions; preparation of lawsuits for cancellation and removal of appeals, and termination of execution proceedings.

Law of Contracts

Mr. Deniz Zengin is working on the examination of all kinds of contracts related to the Companies’ or the Individuals’ business, in the framework of the legislation and in making the necessary corrections for the client and conducting the contract negotiations on behalf of the client.

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