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How to Obtain a Shelf Company in Turkey?

Our Turkish lawyers are prepared to assist you to get a shelf company in Turkey. A foreign businessman, who is ready to set up a company in Turkey and doesn’t want to go through the whole company formation process, can purchase a shelf company in Turkey.

Buying a shelf company is an alternative for foreign investors in many countries, as well as in Turkey.

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Shelf companies are generally chosen by investors who are in a hurry to start their businesses and who need a company with longevity on the market. In recent years, many foreign investors have been interested in businesses in Turkey because of the favorable economic environment.

If you want to buy a shelf company it means that the company’s share must be transferred to you. Our company formation lawyers in Turkey can help foreign investors who want to purchase shelf companies and complete the formalities. Limited company share transfers must be completed in Notary Public. However, for transferring shares in a joint stock company, notarization is not needed.

How to Purchase Shelf Company in Turkey?

There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of those who want to a buy shelf company in Turkey. Considering Turkey is quite open when it comes to foreign investments, entrepreneurs from any country around the world can decide on the way they want to set up a business: by registering a new company or through a shelf company.

If you are interested in opening a company in Turkey and don’t know if a shelf company is the best option, you can discuss your decision with our lawyers.

Advantages of a Shelf Company in Turkey

Shelf companies are preferred by many investors because of their advantages listed below.

  • They are already incorporated, and they only need a few changes in order to start economic activities
  • Even if in Turkey shelf companies must have had an economic activity, the purpose of these companies can be changed
  • They come with tax identification and VAT numbers and thus no longer require tax registration
  • They can be used for almost any type of economic activity in Turkey, but can also be used as offshore companies
  • They come with bank accounts; however, these can be changed alongside other amendments which can be brought to them
  • Shelf companies are usually registered as private limited liability companies which offer several benefits

The purchase of a shelf company in Turkey is not a lengthy procedure, as it can be completed in a few days. Our company formation lawyers in Turkey can help you with the formalities when buying an aged company.

Obtain a Shelf Company in Turkey

The Procedure for Buying a Turkish Shelf Company

This procedure is simpler and it lasts less than the incorporation of a new company. A legal entity or a natural person can buy a shelf company in a few days. After the new shareholder takes over the company, he can make any changes necessary. The articles of incorporation, company address, capital amount, and field of activities can be changed.

The new board of directors, company management, and address will also be registered with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. The new shareholder can add other objects of activity and can make other changes too regarding the bank representatives or other activities of the firm.

The Sale-Purchase Agreement when Buying a Turkish Shelf Company

The purchase of a shelf company in Turkey is based on a contract signed between the company selling such structures and the foreign investor. The document needs to be signed by both parties; however, due diligence is essential before signing any document. Then, the transfer of shares needs to be completed and the changes must be notified to the Turkish Companies Registrar.

We can help with the company’s due diligence services, no matter if you are interested in buying a shelf company or entering a partnership with a Turkish company. Our company formation lawyers can assist when making changes in a company.

Reach us to Buy a Shelf Company in Turkey

Our Turkish lawyers are prepared to assist your company establishment in Turkey. Our company formation lawyers are experienced in limited companies, joint stock companies, branch offices, liaison offices, and free trade zone company formation, management, and governance in Istanbul.

Akkas & Associates Law Firm is one of the leading law firms providing company formation services in Istanbul, Turkey. You may reach us to buy a shelf company in Turkey through our Contact page.

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