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Reasons for Eviction in Turkey: Eviction Made Easy

Reasons for eviction in Turkey are due to non-payment of the rental fee, obtaining a written commitment to evict, housing and workplace needs of the lessor, reconstruction of the real estate, 10 years of the lease contract, and 2 warnings for reasonable reason.

Akkas & Associates Law Firm provides advocacy, mediation, and consultancy services at all stages of its clients’ Turkish real estate law transactions including filing lawsuits for eviction in Turkey.

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Our lawyers represent clients in new owner eviction lawsuits in Turkey, eviction lawsuits due to non-payment of rent, eviction lawsuits due to necessity or rental law lawsuits and eviction lawsuits to be filed due to the reconstruction of the residential or commercial properties.

Reasons for Eviction in Turkey

The provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations are generally intended to protect the tenant. For this reason, if one of the reasons for eviction has not arisen to remove the tenant from the house, it will not be possible to remove the tenant from the house or workplace unless the tenant notifies that he will evacuate 15 days in advance. Due to the tenant’s protective nature of the law, one of the following reasons must be present.

  • Unpaid rent
  • Obtaining a written release commitment
  • Housing and workplace needs of the lessor
  • Reconstruction of the real estate
  • Completing 10 Year term of the lease contract
  • 2 warnings for reasonable reason

Turkish Leasing Law Services

  • Filing and follow-up of eviction proceedings
  • Eviction due to need
  • Opening and follow-up on a rent determination lawsuit
  • Opening and follow-up on an eviction lawsuit due to need
  • Filing and follow-up of eviction lawsuit due to reconstruction
  • Preparation of rental agreement
  • Preparation of release commitment
  • Opening and follow-up of enforcement proceedings for the collection of rent receivables
  • Evacuation due to non-payment of rent

Within the scope of Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk, our office provides all kinds of legal services related to urban transformation law.

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Akkas & Associates Law Firm’s real estate law services cover all related to the development of real estate, including compliance with zoning legislation, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, development of management plans, and arrangement of lease agreements.

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