Industries Served

Akkas & Associates Turkish Law Firm serves the following industries:


Akkas & Associates provides counsel on legal issues that inevitably result with the introduction of new technologies into the marketplace. Recent examples include various forms of genetic engineering (GE) and the legalities surrounding the food additive status of GE foods.


Akkas & Associates represents companies that manufacture and distribute cosmetic products world-wide. In doing so, Akkas & Associates advises its clientele on the manufacture and marketing of cosmetics in Turkey, especially the content of product labels, to insure compliance with EU requirements as well as other applicable law.


Akkas & Associates provides extensive legal counsel to business clients as they label and market food products in Turkish marketplace and elsewhere. Akkas & Associates has dealt with organic foods being a current focus of Akkas & Associates attorneys and their clientele, as the organic food marketplace enjoys an increasing international market share.


Akkas & Associates regularly deals with legal issues involving pharmaceuticals and biological products. Akkas & Associates advises on all aspects of pharmaceutical regulation, from development through agency approval, as well as the legal issues surrounding marketing, manufacturing and distribution.


Akkas & Associates represents financial institutions and members of the financial service industry based both in Turkey and elsewhere. Clientele are assisted by Akkas & Associates as they cope with the complexities of the Anti-Money Laundering legislation and as well as other regulatory and legal issues impacting the financial industry in Turkey.


Akkas & Associates regularly advises its global clientele regarding international law as it applies to automobiles. Legal issues can include contract challenges, Customs issues, economic sanctions, foreign investment legalities, workouts and loan restructuring.

Health Care

Akkas & Associates has clients in the health care industry, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug retailers and drug wholesalers. This area of the law is constantly changing, as both law and regulation attempts to keep stride with industry breakthroughs and advances.


At Akkas & Associates, manufacturers from various parts of the globe seek advice on how to meet Turkish regulatory and legal standards in order to successfully market those goods both in Turkey and elsewhere. Whether the client is producing a new type of drug, creating a better kind of food, or building a better mousetrap, Akkas & Associates is available to advise them on how to maximize and grow their business in a global arena.

Import, Export & Trade

Akkas & Associates enjoys a multi-cultural clientele with legal needs that involve regulatory and litigation matters as it impacts international commerce. In doing so, Akkas & Associates regularly advises on issues involving the transport and sale of products both inside and outside Turkey and how best to balance the commercial interests of its clients with the legalities of the various sovereigns involved.

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Our History

Akkas & Associates is a relatively young law firm, but one with an impressive and respected history. We began from the efforts and dreams of one lawyer, Selcuk Akkas, who was soon joined by his colleague and former civil judge Lutfullah Kervankiran. Together they and many other talented individuals built an organization around collaboration and mutual respect, and on absolute dedication to providing clients with value. That Akkas & Associates today is one of Istanbul’s largest law firms testifies to the strength of their vision.

Our clients include;

Istanbul based Turkish law firm Akkas & Associates is comprised of highly skilled Turkish attorneys who service clients in over 15 practice areas. We represent interests across a broad spectrum of industries and a diverse client base, ranging from large and small companies to families and individuals. Our clients include;

  • Real persons,
  • Small and large companies,
  • Publicly traded companies,
  • Privately held companies,
  • Financial institutions.

Akkas & Associates attorneys service clients throughout Turkey and around the World from its Istanbul Office. Due to our exceptional credentials, and our extensive experience in our areas of practice, we excel at creating legal solutions customized to the unique needs of clients based throughout the world.

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