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Full Details of Custody Cases in Turkey

Our Turkish family lawyers provide legal consultancy, advocacy, and mediation services in all matters related to divorce including custody cases in Turkey. We represent clients in compensation, alimony, custody, and liquidation of property regimes, as a divorce lawyer and mediator in property division lawsuits and other divorce cases.

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The issue of custody cases in Turkey is one of the most important issues that spouses consider when deciding on divorce. Sometimes the thought that he can’t win a custody case prevents him from filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions about custody in our society.

When deciding who will get custody; the first and most important thing to pay attention to is the age of the child. Because taking a child who is still in need of mother’s care and affection from the mother and giving it to the father can cause great harm to the child in terms of the child’s health and personal development.

The custody of the child up to the age of 3 is given to the mother in terms of Supreme Court case law and Turkish law practice. It is scientifically accepted that the period when the child up to the age of 3 needs maternal care the most is between these ages.

Custody Cases in Turkey

Details for Custody Cases in Turkey

It is very difficult to give custody of a child up to this age to the father, not the mother. The custody of the child can be left to the father, not the mother, only in the presence of events that will make the child’s life endangered.

When deciding on the custody of the child up to the age of 3, the mother’s job, home, amount earned or even her lifestyle do not matter.

There are no clear guiding clauses in the law regarding the granting of custody to the mother or father, and it is regulated that the judge decides in this regard by considering the interests of the child.

The judge will decide on both temporary and normal custody, taking into account the reasons for the divorce, the personalities of the parties, the age, characteristics and needs of the child, and the socio-economic status of the parties.

While arranging the right of custody in a divorce case, it is necessary to listen to the child and get his opinion in line with the decisions of the Supreme Court. However, for this, it is important that the child is at least 9-10 years old in order to be able to express himself.

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  • Uncontested divorce case
  • Contested divorce case
  • Litigation of the property regime
  • Alimony and compensation cases
  • Recognition and enforcement proceedings
  • Custody cases in Turkey
  • Alimony adaptation case
  • Collection of alimony and compensation receivables
  • Divorce due to adultery
  • Removal of the violent spouse from the home

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