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Entering Turkish Market, Turkish Law Firm Istanbul, Turkey

Once you have decided that entering the Turkey market is right for your company, you will need to identify which part of Turkey you will start in - unless, of course, you are doing business in Turkey as a result of an initial enquiry from a Turkish company.

Choosing the right place to start will depend on a whole range of factors, many of which will be specific to your company.

The "Questions to ask yourself" may help to focus your thoughts on identifying the best place to start.

There is a range of investment zones in Turkey - all of which encourage foreign companies to do business in their particular zone. Are there any such zones in the areas of Turkey you are looking at and, if so, what incentives are on offer? Principal Commercial Centers and Cities;


Ankara is the capital of Turkey and seat of the Government. Although traditionally a town of civil servants and politicians it is increasingly becoming an industrial center. There are three organized industrial zones. The industries are mainly in the secondary and tertiary sectors.

A number of Turkey's largest private construction companies are based in Ankara, as are several trade and industrial associations including the Union of International Contractors and the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Turkey.


The commercial center of the Turkish Republic and former capital of three successive empires, Istanbul honors and preserves the legacy of its past while looking forward to its future. Istanbul owes its commercial importance to its favorable geographic location, acting as an intersection for sea and land trade routes. It is the financial center of the country, and is also responsible for approximately 20 per cent of Turkey's industrial workforce.


Izmir, which is the major city of the Aegean region, plays an important role in the Turkish economy. A considerable amount of Turkish exports are shipped from the Port of Izmir, which is the second most highly utilized port in Turkey. The volume of trade activities in Izmir has improved with the establishment of the Aegean Free Zone several years ago, and the city promises to be one of the most progressive trade centers in the Middle East.

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